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- Personalized Weekly Workout Plans
- 1x1 Coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer
- Convenience of your Smartphone

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Custom weekly workout schedules to meet every fitness goal. From Body Building to

Beach-Bod, we got you covered.


Each workout built to feel like a 1x1 session with your trainer.

We are putting the personalization back into Personal Training.


Track every step, rep & weight with your own, unique app. Take progress photos, measurements, and see your results!


Easy how-to's, descriptions, and demo videos for every exercise. Quickly chat with your coach to ask questions, send videos, or play audio clips on the go.

When it comes to cultivating valuable fitness habits, we’ve found that oversight and reassurance from a qualified professional is essential for progress and improvement. That’s why we set out to make our Personalized Fitness Program accessible and affordable to more people.



This will determine what physical goals you are looking to achieve. We will use these as targets to focus on the best program for your body-type and stage of life.

Complete the On-boarding Questionnaire


Getting Started is as Easy As...

Video Chat with Your Coach

AnchorFitness encompasses more than being a gym junkie and protein shake-drinker. It's a lifestyle, a passion for exercise, and a love for healthy eating. We want to get to know what anchors you. 


Train with Daily Custom Workouts & Meal Plans 

And just like that, you'll begin your first workout! Whether it's your first time in the gym or you're an exercise connoisseur, we are the last coach you will ever need.

Our Philosophy



MACROs, Calorie Counters





  • Nutrition- You are what you eat. Food is the fuel that will make or break your #GOALS.

We believe in 3 main areas of focus to achieve your goals.

  • Exercise- Without proper training you won't see proper results.

  • Accountability- Everyone needs someone to keep them honest. Everyone deserves an accountability Partner.

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We believe that everyone deserves quality and informative coaching that is both affordable and easy to use. That’s why we developed our ONE PLAN FITS ALL.

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