Our Staff

NASM Certified Personal Trainer,
Amanda M.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, healthy habits, home cooking, and regular exercise were a part of life. Though, it wasn't until she was nineteen that Amanda fell in love with lifting.

She began as your average gym go-er and quickly evolved into an exercise enthusiast and fitness lover overnight. She focused on a protein-packed diet and gaining muscle to strengthen her mind and body.

Amanda has been weightlifting for nearly 10 years and began her coaching journey to help others discover a love for exercise and healthy lifestyles. Her philosophy is based on proper nutrition, strength training, and functional exercise. 


System Administrator/IT/Marketing,
Scott M.

Having Served in the U.S. Army for over 6 years, Scott is all too familiar with what it takes to live an active life style. From running and rucking, to completing obstacle courses and fitness exams, he loves strength training and pushing his body to its limits.

Scott was raised in Texas, which meant football was a serious part of life. He began weightlifting at fifteen years old and continues to search for new training methods and fitness challenges.

Though he loves exercise, his true passion is Web Design and IT. If you need website guidance, technology solutions, or you're simply looking for assistance with your account, click the button below to send him a message!


Department Operations Guru-

Active parents means an active lifestyle, which Maya can't get enough of. Being a purebred German Shepherd Dog, she enjoys lots of runs, walks, and chasing the ball in the yard.

A note from our D.O.G:

"I ensure that ample rest days are taken, and cool down walks are enforced. My favorite exercise is chase, but will settle for barking at squirrels anytime. Will train for treats." -Maya