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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

"Courage is grace under pressure."

-Ernest Hemingway

I worked in Nashville in the corporate world for two years when we moved to Tennessee. I was an accountant. My first degree is a Bachelor's in Business, focused in accounting. I got a job in the city right out of school and commuted about an hour each way. Traffic was terrible, especially with the unpredictable weather and monsoon-like rain. But the company made it worth it. It had a gym, a great culture, a cafe, and a great building. My office space had a nice desk and cubicle on the 7th floor, with a big whiteboard. Every morning I'd write inspirational quotes on my whiteboard, to give friends and colleagues a little bit of cheer each day. From encouragement, inspiration, happiness, to motivation. Those were the qualities I'd look for when researching quotes.

"Courage is grace under pressure."

Little did I know that my courageous moment of the year would be the day I resigned from accounting. The day I decided I was tired of sitting at a desk for 9+ hours a day, sometimes 12 hours, waiting for lunch to go exercise and move my body. The day I decided to DARE to be disliked by some, in hopes of reaching and helping others. The day I learned to build a video and create social media content. The day I first wrote a blog. The day I recorded workouts to help other people exercise during a pandemic, and all the days and little moments in between.

It takes a lot of grace for myself, learning what fails and what succeeds in reaching people. It takes a lot of grace messing up time and time again, trying to share my heart, NOT just to gain attention. It also takes lots of grace for my husband who is the creative/production/techy team behind every video, post, and story. Some days we try as hard as we can and nothing works, so we decide to wrap it up and try again tomorrow. Other days, we learn a ton, integrate AWESOME technology and pump out videos and motivational stuff like pros.

Either way, we're back at it again, every morning for the grind. Giving grace. Having courage. Reaching people.. And THAT'S the reason why we're here. The Grace God's given us to try to reach people to help them become healthy, to help them love their bodies, to enjoy life, to move pain free, to grow and succeed, and discover all that we're destined to do.

We were designed to MOVE. And I want to help as many people I can find a love for exercise, just like I did.

Join me, and let's Discover What Anchors You ⚓

Until next time ❤

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